Students Create Functional Art Pieces


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Students in Mr. Anderson’s 3D art class invited NCHS staff to a tea party to show off their newest creations – teapots! These students took what is typically a just functional item and turned it into functional art. All who attended the tea party were impressed with the beautiful pieces. It was clearly evident that students were proud of their work, as they should be. Take a look at the amazing teapots:

blue elephant teapot
Sierra Hold
Frog teapot
Sarah Browning
Teal and White teapot
Rachel Serrano Diaz
Pink Flamingo Teapot
Brett Blue
Tropical Fountain
Justin Tasker
Tea Set
Hannah Woomer
Bee Hive Teapot
Hannia Jocelyn
Brown Teapot
Brendan Chauncey
Pumpkin Teapot
Audrey Lahnemann