NCHS October Students of the Month


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Congratulations to the following for being named students of the month for October:

Haley Wondrash nominated by Ms. Meunier of the World Language department.

Christopher Bodman nominated by Mrs. Yoxell of the Technology Education department.

Azalia Long-Brown nominated by Mr. Foster of the English department.

Lindsay Sullivan nominated by Mrs. Whone of the Physical Education department.

Erick Lopez Reyes nominated by Mr. Motily of the Mathematics department.

Sandy Monter-Casio nominated by Ms. Larkin of the Science department.

Dandy Scharf nominated by Mr. Joseph of the Social Studies department.

Mary Bunker nominated by Ms. Brittingham of the English department.

These students will be sent a NCHS Student Of The Month certificate, a letter of appreciation, and a microwave popcorn treat to enjoy at home during this social distancing time period.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!