Service Learning Updates


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Service-Learning remains a graduation requirement by the Maryland State Department of Education. However, Service-Learning this year will be focused on providing students with virtual and remote activities. This is due to pandemic restrictions and precautions, and a lack of opportunities provided by our partners through activities and events.

In grades 3 through 8 and grade 10, classroom service learning activities are part of the curriculum. Changes have been made to these lessons to account for current circumstances.

Students in grades 6 through 12 are responsible for completing 20 hours of independent service, and changes have been made to this process as well.

  • A new CCPS Service-Learning Google Site provides information about service learning requirements and opportunities.
  • Students may also access information through the Student Service Learning Google Doc.
  • Beginning Quarter 2, independent approval forms are electronic.  Independent Service-Learning modules have been developed that allow students to complete their hours safely and still be involved in the community.
  • ​Any independent service learning activities started before September 30 will still be accepted. As of October 1, all new activities required pre-approval from the service learning coordinator.

Information sessions for students are scheduled every Thursday at 1:30 pm to  share the most recent changes.   Students may attend these sessions to complete the Getting Started training or to reconnect, have questions answered, or work with other students.

Students may email their Service-Learning coordinator or counselor for meeting links and more information.