NCHS May 2021


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Congratulations to the following for being named students of the month for the month of May:

Lindsay O’Donnell nominated by Mr. Anderson of the Art department.

Stevie Lyles  nominated by Ms. Butler of the Music department.

Nadia Jacobs nominated by Ms. Harfeld of the English department.

Xavier Champagne nominated by Mr. Meyer of the Mathematics department.

Olivia Dean nominated by Mr. Davis of the Physical Education department.

Carlee Eierman nominated by Ms. Clark of the Science department.

Julianne Hofmann nominated by Mr. Buffenmyer of the Social Studies department.

Jacob Buda nominated by Mrs. Marshall of the Mathematics department.

Jose Llamas nominated by Mrs. Curry of the Social Studies department.

Samantha Cash and Hayden Jackson nominated by Coach Witek of the Girls & Boys track teams

Ella Keaton nominated by Coach Dennis White of the Girls Tennis team.

Austin Lynn nominated by Coach Chris White of the Boys Tennis team.

Sydney Baker nominated by Coach Riordan of the Girls Lacrosse team

Chris Clarke nominated by Coach Bradner of the Boys Lacrosse team.

Chris Curler nominated by Coach Bishop of the Boys Baseball team.

Taylor Dawkins nominated by Coach Penn of the Girls Softball team.

These students and athletes will be sent a NCHS Student/Athlete Of The Month certificate, a letter of appreciation, and a microwave popcorn treat to enjoy at home during this social distancing time period.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!