Staff Directory


Bulldog teachers, administrators, and support staff are passionate about developing our students! If you
have questions for our team, please use the directory below to send an email. You may also call the
school at 410.479.2332 or use our online contact form. For a directory of Caroline County Public Schools
leadership and administrative services, please visit the CCPS Directory.

Name Department Position Room Number Email Planning
Erin Adams Administration Assistant Principal 102
Steve Garner Administration Assistant Principal 107
Jeannine Necessary Administration Assistant Principal 103
Matt Spiker Administration Principal 106
Virginia Belay Guidance Counselor A-C 116
Lori Crisafulli Guidance Counselor E-L 113
Jackie Holtzman Guidance Counselor M-R 112
Tricia Bolduc Guidance Counselor S-Z 110
Alex Vicidomini School Psychologist 409
Patricia Curran Main office Special Education Secretary 900
Lori Engle Main office Financial Secretary 104
Sue Frey Main office Attendance Secretary 4206
Sharon Hollingsworth Main office Main Office Secretary 4201
Tammy Lednum Main office Enrollment Secretary 118
Hope Wilkins Main office Guidance Secretary 120
Cpl. Jake Andrew School Resource Officer School Resource Officer 300
Kristine Moran Coaches Literacy 215
Kim Leverage Media Media Specialist 700
Tyrone Holmes Permanent Substitute Permanent Substitute
Jim Seymour Permanent Substitute Permanent Substitute
Ben Bradner English Teacher 209 4th
Lisa Clemens English Teacher 210 3rd
Earl Foster English Teacher 213 4th
Amy Harfeld English Teacher 207 1st
Emily Holden English Teacher 201 1st
Janna Jackson English Teacher 211 2nd
Kim Mielke English Teacher 214 3rd
Anne Livingstone English Teacher 208 1st
Erin Sullivan English Teacher 212 2nd
Gary Bee Social Studies Teacher 417 2nd
Andrew Buffenmyer Social Studies Teacher 419 4th
Lisa Gowe Social Studies Teacher 418 1st
Nash Ireland Social Studies Teacher Floater 3rd
Colin Joseph Social Studies Teacher 414 4th
James McCormick Social Studies Teacher 415 4th
Alan Rausch Social Studies Teacher 411 3rd
Suzanne Throckmorton Social Studies Teacher 416 3rd
Joseph Witek Social Studies Teacher 410 4th
Andrew Bishop Math Teacher 502 4th
Jennifer Bishop Math Teacher 504 1st
Colleen Dori Math Teacher 509 2nd
Erin Hairsine Math Teacher 506 4th
Justine Ireland Math Teacher 507 1st
Mike Motily Math Teacher 505 1st
Larry Nuttall Math Teacher 508 2nd
Alla Rada Math Teacher Floater 2nd
Jill Tolbert Math Teacher 510 4th
Catherine Bornhoeft Science Teacher 902 2nd
Suzanne Bowdle Science Teacher 904 3rd
Alicia Weippert Science Teacher 318 2nd
Mary Clark Science Teacher 311 3rd
Josh Conway Science Teacher 313 4th
Stacy DeWitt Science Teacher 319 3rd
Kelly Larkin Science Teacher 317 4th
Melissa Mahoney Science Teacher 312 4th
Christopher Schall Science Teacher 314 4th
Mirta Bradner World Language Teacher 402 3rd
Illeana Guzman World Language Teacher 404 3rd
Nathalie Meunier World Language Teacher 401 3rd
Isabel Schreyer World Language Teacher 408 4th
Tyler Wilson World Language Teacher 413 1st
Larry Bodzer Business Education Teacher 301 3rd
Rich Carey Business Education Teacher 303 1st
CB Yoxall Technology Education Teacher 602 3rd
Dustin Yoxall Technology Education Teacher 3rd
Daryl Silsley Technology Education Teacher 607 2nd
Kevin Webster Technology Education Teacher 608 3rd
Mary Baker Special Education Teacher 902 3rd
Robert Blakely Special Education Teacher 703 2nd
Melanie Brittingham Special Education Teacher 213 4th
Dr. Kelly Cannon Special Education Teacher 412 2nd
Brian Curtis Special Education Teacher 412 2nd
Mary Curry Special Education Teacher 900 1st
Josh Holt Special Education Teacher 503 4th
Keri Marshall Special Education Teacher 601 2nd
Barbara Wood Special Education Teacher 900 1st
Chasity Wright Special Education Teacher 306 4th
David Abele ELL Teacher 205 3rd
Gabrielle Gianninoto ELL Teacher 3rd
Paula Miller ELL Teacher 201 4th
Erin Chamberlin Health Teacher 309 2nd
Mace Davis Physical Education Teacher Gym 1st
Mary Fisher Physical Education Teacher Gym 1st
Jenna Riordan Health Teacher 308 2nd
Jody Ward Physical Education Teacher Gym 2nd
Amanda Whone Physical Education Teacher Gym 1st
Brooks Anderson Art Teacher 406 3rd
Tim Goodger Art Teacher 407 1st
Kurt Plinke Art Teacher 407 3rd
Wayne Martin Music/Band Teacher 803 4th
Randall Butler Music/Chorus Teacher 801 2nd
Jennifer Dvorak Teacher Acedemy Teacher 501 4th
Sandra Blount Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Melissa Booth Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Anne Marie Bouchal Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Lisa Browning Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Brittne Hicks Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Cheryl Hudson-Largent Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Stephanie Miller Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Carla Palmer-Berdaux Instructional Assistance SPED IA
Kelly Draper Instructional Assistance ELL IA
Terri Helwig Instructional Assistance ELL IA
Melissa Mathis Instructional Assistance ELL IA
Kimberly Smith Instructional Assistance ELL IA
William Butler Custodial Staff Custodian
Tameria Jarrell Custodial Staff Custodian
Willie Little Custodial Staff Custodian
Cheryl Reedy Custodial Staff Custodian
Donald Starkey Custodial Staff Head Custodian
James Struble Custodial Staff Custodian
Donnie Tyler Custodial Staff Custodian
Penny Boyd Food Service Head of Food Service Cafeteria
Patricia Adams-Brummell Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Debora Eaton Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Joanne Jones Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Alicia Neal Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Mona Oakes Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Crystal Parks Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Lani Schumacher Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Cindy Sheets Food Service Food Service Cafeteria
Deanna Good Nurse Nurse 603
Deborah Marshall Nurse Health Assistant 603