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What is an AI Tool?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of technologies that enable computers to perform a variety of advanced functions. Programs like ChatGBT are being used to generate writing.

Are CCPS students allowed to use AI for schoolwork in any classes?

At this time, the student use of AI tools is not allowed and known sites are blocked on student devices. Teachers have access to AI tools and, as the technology evolves, teachers may find modified ways to use AI tools in specific lessons.

What is wrong with students using AI for classwork?

  1. False information - To write responses, AI copies and remixes information from the Internet without providing the source of the information. Some of the details in the responses are accurate; some have been found to be completely fabricated.

  2. Academic integrity - When a student completes an assignment, it is expected that the work is their own and is the result of what they know and have learned. When they hand in work that was created by AI, this is considered cheating, the same as if another student did the work.

  3. Learning and progressing - Using AI shortcuts the opportunity to learn from teachers and each other. It stops their own learning process that involves reflection, problem solving, and creativity.

How do we know if a student used AI?

There are several tools that are able to detect the use of AI, or provide a “red flag” that perhaps the writing is the work of AI and needs to be explored further with the student. AI tools and the technology to detect them are constantly evolving.

What are the consequences for a student who used AI for an assignment?

  • With the first instance, a teacher will use the opportunity to discuss why AI does not reflect the student’s ability or knowledge, and does not exhibit academic integrity.
  • A second incident will result in a grade of zero and will follow the academic dishonesty procedures the school and the teacher have in place.