event photos

Music teachers and students at North Caroline High School and Lockerman Middle School came together for a special Veterans Day evening celebration in the NCHS auditorium. 

Following a welcome by NCHS Principal Matt Spiker, LMS student Kenli Creel led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, and NCHS Choir Director Randall Butler sang the National Anthem.

LMS Principal Jon Grow recognized veterans in attendance. The History of Veterans Day was read by NCHS Student Government Association students. They also shared what students stated Veteran’s Day meant to them. While members of the NJROTC demonstrated the folding of the flag, NCHS Choir students read facts about the stars and stripes. The LMS and NCHS combined band and choir, performed “This is My Country,” “We are the World,” and “America the Beautiful.” 

Commander Kenley from Unit 648 of the Vietnam Veterans of America led veterans in “The Round Table” presentation. Also known as the Missing Man Table or Fallen Comrade Table, this  is traditionally part of military ceremonies. The table is set with several items that represent prisoners of war or service people missing in action. A narration given to the audience explains the symbolism of each item set on the table. 

Cmdr. Kenley also took the opportunity to ‘pin’ Vietnam veterans in attendance with the commemorative lapel pin, given to members serving in a specific 20 year period during the Vietnam War. 

NCHS students Seth Burns and Tommy Friel played Taps. 

Prior to the event, the community was invited to share photos from their service or the service of a family member. Over 100 were received, and a slideshow was created that was shown during the evening.

NCHS Music Teacher Randall Butler described the evening as moving and emotional for both the audience and the performers. “The students were excited to prepare for the evening,” she stated, “and performed beautifully throughout the event.” 

Photos from the event and the slideshow may be found on the CCPS Flickr page